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Why Cant A Canceled Order be Reviewed?

I had a horrible experience with a “level 2” seller ( I’m new to Fiverr, I assumed that meant I was getting a solid seller)

Instructions were given with 2 minutes of placing the order ( I had them prewritten) I hear nothing from the seller for the entire 3 day job time (FWIW, I purchased 2 "extras) . For some inexplicable reason, Fiverr I guess decided the seller is entitled and additional 24 hours before I could cancel. I contact the seller and ask if there is anything I can provide and gte nothing for another 12 hours…then I was told “order in progress, thanks”. 12 hours later I contact the seller and explain I’d rather not cancel as I had already waited a good amount of time. another 12 hours later I get a request for new information so SHE CAN START!, I ask the seller what they need (my instructions were VERY clear, but i was willing to provide whatever I needed to) I get nothing back. Then another request for more information and then Nothing about what they could of possibly needed.’ THEN THE JOB IS MARKED DELIVERED, WITH NOTHING DONE. (How can that possibly be allowed?!) I have to cancel, obviously, and the seller “agreed”.

My question is, this is STILL a 5 star rated seller? WHY? Why am I not allowed to share my experience in the sellers public feedback? It SEEMS when she does the work it’s great, but she strung me along for a week (well documented in our comments as stated above).

Now I have 15.50 in an account and I have no idea what sellers to trust, it appears only happy customers can leave feedback.

Sorry to hear this happened to you! You raised more than one issue here, I’l do my best to explain it all.

  1. The 24 hour thing: 24 hours after the deadline you can cancel the order as late (you can cancel the order anytime, it’s being marked as late if you cancel it 24 hours after the deadline).

  2. Sending empty delivery is against Fiverr rules. You could have reported the seller for doing that.

  3. You can either cancel the order and get your money back, or you can let the seller keep the money and leave feedback. You can’t both get the refund and leave the negative feedback, it’s considered unfair.

    If the seller cancels all the time, it will show on her profile (it would say something like “Cancellation 14%”, or some other number), and she could lose her levels for that.

Thanks for taking the time address my rant :slight_smile:

I didn’t know about reporting, that would have been the right call. Still wish I could leave feedback on the page, but at least the cancellations do count for something.