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Why can't buyers stick to the instructions?

So, on my gig I simply ask for a site address and a few keywords. Nothing fancy, right? Wrong!

Why do some buyers feel to urge to share their entire life story and how they came to make about making their sites, and how they use it to make a living, and how they have kids and all that, when all I asked for was a simple darn site address? Was that too complicated to ask? Or maybe too much?

I just don’t get this need of taking an hour to fill the instructions and force my eyes to parse them for the info I need, when it could’ve been done in 5 minutes or less?

Oh, and those who split their life story in chapters over each instruction field, completely ignoring my requests, and ultimately failing to even give me what I asked for in the first place.

P.S. if I get an order and the buyer takes longer than 30 minutes on a less than 5-minute form, it’s clear: The Story is being written!


I’m jealous!
They are being passionate (maybe “emotional” is better here ;))
and writing you the story to make sure, you won’t fail them. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Really? Because they hurt my eyes for making me read so much, and my sanity after they forget to give me what I asked for and then disappear to thin air and never respond back :pensive:

Use a default paragraph about their storyline…
Tell them, you know why they reached you. And ask for the instructions only. :stuck_out_tongue:
You can take some guidance from an Astrologer about the story. :smile:


I already tried asking for the instructions, yet most of them immediately shut down their computers after they order, and then go to a remote island because they never respond back.


I’ve wondered this too. I have running chapters day by day for weeks.

I am in a race against the clock when I get a new order to ask them to give me the things I need before they disappear forever.


I have a buyer who is constantly online but hasn’t given any instructions for the last 2 hours - I’m afraid of what the story could be!

“I am in a race against the clock when I get a new order to ask them to give me the things I need before they disappear forever.”

@misscrystal Exactly!! I thought I was the only one! When I get an order, I immediately open the fiverr inbox for that buyer, prepare a message and any attachments if need be, and as soon as I see their info (or lack thereof) I immediately hit send in the inbox. Guess what? It doesn’t work. They already shut down the moment they hit submit info! :airplane:

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It’s strange how people are so opened to sharing personal information over the internet. Why would anyone talk about kids, spouse, job and other personal stuff to strangers?

Now I think about it, I probably share too much information on this forum. I need to be careful.


Too late - you already made the first mistake of disclosing your name through your username. From there it’s just a matter of time before we have access to your entire life lol :stuck_out_tongue:

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Usually, these types have invested everything that they have emotionally in their next big idea to the point that they start becoming delusional.

I had a buyer tell me about how she held her brother’s brains as he lay dying on the freeway when she was 14. This was why now that she was a single mom, she wanted to start her own empowerment orientated TV network for other ‘mummies,’ in order to help the other ‘mummies’ become financially independent etc etc ‘insert life coaching garbage of choice here.’

Anyway, I steer clear of this lot. At the first whiff of ‘my entire psychological wellbeing is resting on this,’ I’m away quicker than you can say Flash Gordon.

I just can’t stand the idea of helping people like this start to self-destruct slowly when they realize that no one is going to actually buy their mail order peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.


You forget to include the following:

"Please provide your seller with instructions:

FIELD #1 Please tell me your life story.

FIELD #2 Please provide me with the info I need from you in order to get started!


Oh goodness, it’s 1 a.m. You must be a vampire.

I think it’s crazy how seller stick to these weird hours.


there are people with physical disabilities
there are people with a language barrier

I have to say, usually, this doesn’t bother me. However, this idea may help sometimes, with some people.
Have a specific box for them to add "any other info you would like me to know.
So for you it would be:
Other info you would like me to know to help understand your site.

If you can get them to place all irrelevant info in one box then they may fill in the other boxes correctly. Then simply take what you need and “dump” the rest.


@gina_riley2 for the last 7 years, I used to go to sleep at 5am and wake up at 9am, and when I saw my fangs grow, I decided it was time for a change! Now I’m going to bed at 1-2am, and wake up at 8am - no more fangs :smiley: but now there’s this annoying owl at my window snoring like a car alarm!

@eoinfinnegan I did that a long-long time ago, and it made things worse: some buyers used to fill in other demands and requests that I couldn’t do or that would require additional cost they didn’t agree with (maybe they thought of it as a “make any other free requests here”), so I removed that and archived it under failed hopes - there’s also a big chance that these story-writing buyers will fill in the first fields with the story, and when they reach the last “any other info” field they will either copy a part of the story, write some more stories, or leave it empty out of spite :smiley:

@miroslavglavic true!


@eoinfinnegan I read posts that via private message there is a block on urls and emails.

so wouldn’t that apply to that specific box?

There’s a block on URLs? How so? I mean, many of my buyers have sent me their site URLs via private message with no problems or flags… and most of them send me their sites in the instruction fields…

via the private inbox thing or via the order inbox?

Both. I get almost daily at least one URL via Fiverr’s inbox or via order pages, if that’s what you’re referring to, and no problems at all on my end.

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interesting I remember there was someone bitching that they couldn’t give the seller an e-mail address as that was his username to enter his website.