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Why Cant create a gig

I created my fiverr account and i’m new. I have finished my profile and when to make a gig and clicking “become seller” and than continue this picture showes.why?


I also suffered from the same problem. I suggest you update your profile picture and other information as well as linking your social media etc. to complete your profile details. This may enable you to make gigs for the services you want to offer.I suggest that because, following these steps, I had got rid of the problem.
Wishing you all the best.


Thnx. INDEED yeah i did everything exept linking linking social media account.

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But your avatar is not yet visible here.

may be Fiverr bug,it will be shortly fixed by Fiverr

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Most probably it’s just a bug or something wait update your profile and try it again.
Best wishes to you.
Happy Freelancing.

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