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Why can't fiverr show high quality video?

It baffles me that a site making as much money as fiverr cannot display the videos I put up for my customers at delivery with any kind of decent resolution. Why is that?

Youtube serves up a gazillion HiDef videos every HOUR or whatever crazy amount it is at 1080p and fiverr has to degrade my customer’s product? That is absolutely unacceptable!

It really bothers me, especially considering they take 20% of what I just earned doing the work and then can’t even display my work with a good looking example? Seriously?

Speaking of which, I am really starting to wonder why it is so necessary for me to hit up social networks to get any traffic to my gigs. 20% + 5% from every single transaction and I have to get the traffic? Then, my videos look like crap when I deliver them?

I’m at 100% rating, glowing reviews all across the board and my gigs have seen barely any traffic for the last three months. Can’t find my own gigs in the search results. I am dedicated to my buyers, pay very close attention to delivery times, communication, response time, etc etc and I am having next to no luck here. Yet, I see gigs with the same old poor quality templates and the same exact video intro about a million other sellers are offering with orders in queue.

This is starting to turn me away from here and I know I do good work that is hard to find! …and for what? Seems to me fiverr is heading towards rewarding more people who are gaming the system, selling low quality repeat videos and don’t even put any effort into it.


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I don’t think anyone here can even grasp the technology and know-how Youtube had to have to come where it is now. Video content hosting and delivery is a really serious work which doesn’t even work for Youtube when it comes to making any money. It’s a little unrealistic to expect that from Fiverr. This site has a different focus.

They could use some other service to host their videos though. Because I have yet to find any real purpose for the system they have now. The people who need videos are the ones working with graphics, of course they deserve something better than this.

Reply to @necipates: I may not grasp the extent of Youtube’s infrastructure but I have a firm grasp on a concept that relates.

The concept that a successful website that relies on it’s users to earn for it should provide the best platform possible for it’s users to have what they need to continue earning.

Besides, HD video is pretty standard these days. Why is fiverr so far behind? They keep the highest percentage that I know of, they have the most traffic but yet they only allow 640x480 video limited to 1 minute?

I don’t fall for the “shorter video sells better” they are peddling either. No, shorter video costs less to host.

As a video creator, I should be able to display a gig video with a detailed description plus include as many samples as I feel necessary to showcase and explain my service to potential buyers. Instead I am limited to 1 minute and providing samples is completely out of my hands and a very convoluted process that loads very slow and looks like crap.

It sucks, plain and simple. It demonstrates to me that fiverr is less concerned with quality and more concerned with squeezing more and keeping more revenue earned by it’s sellers which they entirely rely on.

It reminds me of myspace and how easy it was for everyone to jump ship the instant a better choice became available.

I too would like to see a larger file size limit on videos but I suspect fiverr doesn’t have the storage capacity to store all the videos. That is a guess.

I have always found fiverr a bit difficult to use due to their limitations on virtually everything like size of messages, number of characters per message, buying gigs in multiple orders due to limitation on how much you can spend at once. It makes it inefficient for me to have to send 3 messages to a buyer instead of just one message with all info at once in it.

fiverr is good part time income, not a full time job. I doubt there are many sellers here who make over $300 per month REGULARLY (not just one off good month).

Also for me it’s frustrating. Every time an order exceeds 10 files, I have to invent a way to show the preview to the customer. On a 20% commission would expect an easier and quick service. If it were not for the buyer’s traffic, I would have abandoned this service.

Really this argument/rant needs s little more balance. I can list you several freelance sites which don’t facilitate video promos at all, never mind give sellers online real estate in the form of gig pages and free exposure.

As a rule, simply make the best of what is presently available and build your online business on Fiverr with a constantly adaptive trial and error approach. If you need to blame the system which Fiverr uses to provide gigs because you re not making the amount of sales you would like to, you’re effectively putting your potential inside a prison of its own making.

I once ran a small hotel which was severely dated, had 5 years of consistently declining bed nights and was flagged for closure by the network it belonged to. In one year I made $5000 in savings which I was able to reinvest in a new catering service. This then doubled the amount of spend by almost every customer and resulted 3 years layer in the hotel having half a million invested in it for a full refurb. By that point I was then implementing the same strategy at a much bigger hotel which was in a similar situation and which has now also been flagged for a similar refurb.

I use exactly the same strategy on Fiverr. Get my customers to spend more, offer services which are a bit different, and constantly look for ways to reinvest in different products and services. The key is to realize the potential of the tools which you have available, not sit and stress over limitations which you are powerless to overcome.

If I was you, I’d make a stunning promo video and encourage clients to view a more complete profile on either Youtube or your own website. And don’t stress about social media. I personally find the merits of promoting gigs in this way questionable and I’m personally comfortable with the success I have achieved without ever doing so.

This is very spot on. We keep a playlist on Youtube of commercials and audio work that we’ve done for other clients and we’re sure to show it off. We even have a playlist on Spotify of stuff that we’ve done for people interested in mixing and mastering. This usually gets clients excited and they’re more apt to spend more money because they see something they can trust more then the gig gallery. We also reinvest into our business by buying better equipment and we’re constantly learning everyday how to always better ourselves.

I see that he got rid of his gigs. Most likely out of his frustration.

@throttled829 I’d say take a break, regroup and plan out your next move. You’re already at Level 2. Don’t let your hard work go to waste because you’re angry. Figure out how to make the system work for you.

Personally I’d rather Fiverr gets more hosting space, 30MB and 150MB is pretty useless in this day and age, especially when you have sellers like myself who edit huge audio and video files!