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Why Can't I Ask My Buyer For Ratings?

First of all this post is not intended to criticize someone so before you think of commenting here with a hot head thinking that it is some kind of a protest and saying “Hey If you got a problem with Fiverr go work somewhere else” , please clear up a bit and know that this one is intended just to ask some question and learn about the Fiverr Tos

Anyways coming to the point lets take an example of Uber (though these examples may have very little resemblance with Fiverr) If you are an Uber driver and you reach your customer to his desired destination and when he is about to leave, you say “If you loved the ride 5 stars ratings please”. .

The question is if in the above cited examples you can ask you customers for good rating than why can’t you ask your buyer on Fiverr after you fulfill the order and just for once that “If you like my work please make sure to give healthy ratings”. I know many after reading this would think of the cases where sellers harass their buyers for ratings, I am not talking about those and i think the buyers should report such incidents. I am asking about why just for once Can’t I say to my worthy buyer “Sir if you like my work please give me some golden stars”
Again, it is not a criticism but a question

Thanks for reading

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Because telling your buyer what rating you want is review manipulation, and you can get an account warning for that.


it would be rude , thats why

If i say "If you like my work please don’t forget to rate my work " is that supposed to be manipulation

rude?? Can you explain?

That’s not allowed, either.

Fiverr already reminds buyers to rate the order. Twice. Additional request for a rating would be spamming.


I know thats not allowed . I was asking “why it isn’t allowed” .

Worth an answer. Appreciated