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Why can't I cancel an order if the buyer it late?

In 99.9% of purchases in the "real word, if an agreement & contract has been made that a seller has to deliver a product / service in an allotted time and fails then the contract is void and the buyer can pull out. However not with Fiverr. I got to wait and wait and then perhaps spend more of my time putting in a dispute etc.

I am sure a couple of years ago if the seller fails to deliver then i can press a button and cancel. why now do I need the seller to also agree this?

If an order is late by the countdown clock (not just late because you asked the seller to deliver it in three days when their delivery time is eight days), you can cancel it without waiting for the seller’s approval. If you’re not sure how to use Fiverr’s features, contact customer support or read their FAQ page (both of which can be done by clicking on “customer support.”)

Reply to @emasonwrites: I feel like we’re beating a dead horse here… :frowning:

Reply to @emeraldawnn: I’m just not sure if the OP is reading the comments on other threads? It’s been mentioned at least twice that a buyer can easily cancel an order that’s late AND leave negative feedback on a gig, and there have been suggestions for as to how to avoid sellers that are unresponsive or that cancel after a buyer places an order.