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Why can't I cancel an order when buyer does not provide me with needed content to do job?!?

I have a buyer who has not provided me with what I need to do a gig. I specifically ask for size, logos, images and text needed to do a flyer. After I attempted to cancel the first time after 2 days of not hearing back from him he said no and while he did provide the size he still has not provided me with logo or other requested information I need for the flyer.

Maybe I don’t understand how this works though I’ve done hundreds of gigs since joining over a year ago. Seems to me that if a buyer is not providing what I feel I need to do the job I should be able to cancel and the money be refunded. I specify 4 days to get the job done and I’m now on the 4th day of the order. I have a perfect record thus far and I don’t want the order marked as late (does the system track that stuff long term?).

Is there a link somewhere to force cancel the job?


If you force cancel you will get an automatic negative. I would contact customer service, and explain to the customer in a message that they can always order again when they can provide the required items, but as of right now you cannot complete their order and you will be contacting customer service to cancel the order, and then initiate the mutual cancellation.