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Why cant i change my gig category?


why cant i change my gig category ?


Why do you need to change your gig category?


@jonbaas i want to edit my gig system . i was made them at first time. after when i learn about gig then i thougt need to change gig something . but catagory are not changing .


You can edit your gigs all you want… but you don’t need to move it to another category.


Oh, I feel you brother. I had the same problem. By mistake choose programming and tech instead of Graphics Design. I still regret this mistake. And You can not change. Probably fiverr’s rule.


Fiverr is currently trying to sorts gigs, in order to get rid of irrelevance ones,so when creating gigs choose the best and suitable categories


Maybe you can delete the gig and create new one in the right category?


Hi, you need set your Gig on pause, then you will able to edit your Gig category


As far as I know they no longer allow you to change the category, at least if you’ve created and published the gig or had sales. I’m not sure if they lock it before or after you get sales.

The reason for the change is that there were some people who would post a gig for something really cheap and easy to sell (like maybe original 3D logos with free source files for $5) and use the great deal to stack up some reviews.

Then they would move the gig to a whole different category and raise the price. So, they might move a gig that got reviews for cheap logos and put it in the category for WordPress sites where they could charge a lot more. Buyers would see the reviews and think that the seller was really good at WordPress when there was actually no proof of that.

Fiverr doesn’t care if you change a gig a little bit like from 3D logos to flat mascot logos but they do care about the main category. Hope that helps!


I agree with that, if you already had sales on that gig you should not be allowed to change the category.


Changing the category is not a good idea usually
But you can do that if you put your gig on pause


This does appear to be true when I check it. Just as a note to anyone who tries it, though, I know of a Top Rated Seller who changed a gig with hundreds of reviews and moved it to a totally different unrelated category. He got caught and Fiverr deleted the gig, so it was a big loss. I would say it is never a good idea to change the category unless the gig has no reviews or the change is a small one.


Oh, I feel you brother. I had the same problem. By mistake choose programming and tech instead of Graphics Design. I still regret this mistake. And You can not change.


how to rank my gig please help me somebuddy…


how to rank fast my gig plzzz help me…


Don’t hijack other people’s threads. You can make your own thread.

If everyone knew how to rank their gigs fast, what would be the point of working? :stuck_out_tongue:


I recommend that you start by spelling your words correctly and using proper grammar and punctuation.


but the gig review will go :frowning:


thank you so much…


As I said above - if you already have some works and even review in this gig that would be not right to change category. As you could also change information and make it fully different gig! And review would tell you’ve made a good job, but it concerned different gig and you could fool other buyers.

But I also think you can ask CS for help. If you really just chose wrong category (like if you make illustrations but chose “programming and tech”) CS could observe your informations of the gig and everything and change category for you.