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Why can't I click on a username in the forum and be directed to their gigs?


I am wondering why I can no longer click on the username and be taken to their gigs?

Sometimes I can, when I see their username is underlined, then I can click it and go to their gigs but most of the time I have to navigate to their gigs in my browser from the address bar. Since many of these posts are questions or comments on something about a user’s own gigs, this makes it inconvenient to have no way to actually go directly to their gigs.

Is this something that forum users need to earn, and if so what is the requirement?


They need to fill in their forum profile and put the link to their Fiverr profile, like you did.

I’m not sure if new users can do it, though.


Thanks, I think this should be changed so we can do that for everyone who posts like we could in the old forum.


Either that, or people who ask for help in Improve My Gig should remember to post the link to the said gig. It really surprises me when they don’t.


Usually it is when someone either mentions a problem with their feedback, or is saying they are celebrating a milestone of some kind.
Writer mentioned he hit the 3000 orders mark and I wanted to look at his profile and couldn’t get there.


Yeah, I don’t want to put up the link, as I don’t want people to contact me by inbox and ask for work/tips/etc.


I would like to know when a buyer of my gigs found me first on the forum.
Or there could be a message to the effect of “this person came to you from the forum” that pops up when someone sends me a message from my forum link. It would be very helpful.


Everyone can do it. I did submit a request on the 2nd day Discourse was installed and I asked for auto links. I’m saying I asked, not we, because technically I don’t know if everyone wants the links there. I put mine in manually. I haven’t heard from staff on what their intention is.

@misscrystal and others: I suggest sending a message to Customer Support about this. Staff who read the forum have already been asked. If CS gets plenty of tickets about it, that will carry more weight than 3-4 people asking about it here.


I just copy the username (or write it down if it’s not complicated/completely unmemorable), ctrl + t to open a new tab, write then paste it in.


Dear Emmaki:

And in some cases, the user name may have an extraneous 1 added for reasons.

Sometimes one must edit the user name, subtracting 1s, adding _s, and invoking other mysterious incantations, but with persistence, once may often find the user profile for which one is looking.

Good luck,