Why can't I contact Fiverr?


Well over a week ago I sent my requirements to a Fiverr seller - they said they could do it and I paid $15. A WEEK later I have still not got what i wanted, the seller has not given what I wanted and has not replied to most of my emails. Fiverr have marked the order as completed IT IS NOT. Fiver do not have a way to contact them - it says email seller - who does not respond. This is disgraceful service. :frowning: Who marked it as complete. What is worse I only want a small amendment and we are almost there but the seller seems to be ignoring me now it is marked as completed - surely the BUYER should decide when it is complete?


First of all, when you receive a not-compliant delivery, you can hit Request modification button on order page and the order goes live again (and timer ticks).

If the order has now been marked as complete, try to use Resolution center on order page and see what happens, which choices you have.

Finally: Customer support link is on top of every forum page and on the bottom of every Fiverr site page!


The resolution centre leads you to a page which tells you to contact the seller - which I have done now 3 times in 3 days and the seller does not reply. Customer support leads me to the same place. This is driving me insane - it only needs a small mod and its done. The seller is advertising it will be done in 12 hours - it is 8 days now. WHO marks an order as complete? it surely should be the buyer. How do I GET IN TOUCH WITH Customer Service? :-L


First of all, calm down: I’m a regular user like you, no more, and I’m trying to help you.

Second, if you want to create a new ticket, here is the link:


Last, to answer your question WHO marks an order as complete?, I tell you that when the seller delivers the order, if buyer does not click Request modification button, the order is automatically marked as complete in 3 days.

So, if your seller delivered and you did nothing, the order went complete: all the things I’m telling you are written in Fiverr FAQs…