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Why can't I edit my description?

I am trying to edit my description for the last 2 days but it’s not working


What happened there?..

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As far i know, you can edit your gig at anytime

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No actually, my profile description. Everytime I update it says that changes are not saved :confused:

You can use another browser, then check it again

Okay let me try :grin:

Yes, please do it :smiley: :grinning:

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No use, It’s still like this
Someone please check this out

I also faced a similar problem. Try cache cleaning the browser tab using shift+f5 (windows) or Command+R (safari). It helped me.

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It’s saying the reason - it thinks you’ve put a URL in the description. If you have or have included something that Fiverr might think is a URL then remove it. Also your current profile says “email me if…” - off site contact isn’t allowed. Don’t put your Facebook info there either.


Yes I know that’s why I want to change it but for some reason it’s not accpeting my new description. Plus I didn’t put any links on this description.

So try the previous suggestion of removing cache/cookies and re-trying.
If it still doesn’t work try copying the description to notepad and deleting it on the site and pasting it back.
If it doesn’t work try deleting all the text and re-typing the minimum amount of text that will work. If that works type the rest of the text until you see it give an error when posting.

Or you could attach the full text of it here for people to check in case there’s some issue with the text. But I’d try the removing of cache/cookies first.

If you’re not using the Chrome browser and can do that I’d try using Chrome for it too. Or you could contact CS about it through the helpdesk.

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Yes I cleared my cache data from my browser still it’s not working. It says the same thing.

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Yes that text looks okay. If you’ve removed cache and cookies (ctrl F5 might be enough) try some of the other things. Try removing the last parts of the text until it works. Or try logging out then back in again and re-trying if you haven’t. Try with Chrome like I suggested if you haven’t already.

If it keeps not working it might be best to create a support ticket in the helpdesk.

I did clear cookies and cache
lemme try logging out. I’ll let you know

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