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Why can't I find my gig in search results?

I’m a new seller at Fiverr. I created my account on Fiverr in August. I first published a gig of website promotion. Then I published the email signer gig and the lead generation gig a few days later. But I can’t find the 2nd and 3rd gigs in search results by searching with my targeted keywords. I searched all the pages of ‘Newest Arrival’ with every keyword search, but I couldn’t find any of my gigs. Then I thought, maybe I made a mistake while publishing Gig. So I delete these two gigs and republish them. But even then the same thing happened to me.
The first gig in Gig Analysis has only impressions and clicks. But the impressions of the 2nd and 3rd gigs are almost non-existent.
I reported my problem to Fiverr Support. But today is almost eight days, I have not received any reply yet.
What can I do now? please help me.
Here is the link to my lead generation gig.

:warning: MOD NOTE: Short Link Removed. Links must not be shortened using non-Fiverr shortening sites. Gig/profile links should include the domain. This is a safety/security risk. Readers should not click on shortened links or links that may be questionable. Why can’t I find my gig in search results?

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