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Why can't I get an order?

I hope you all are fine. I am facing a problem of not getting order. I try my best for active online 24 hours. I am getting clicks impressions but not getting orders.
Salman Shaami


I think you need to show/link to some of your work. Buyers need samples of work to make the decision. Maybe create a video where you visit some of the websites, clicking around and showing exactly how they look.



You can find much help on this topic by searching “getting orders” or anything with “orders.” Here’s a thread to get you started:


you should focus on pricing and see what your competitors are doing and also learn how to communicate with buyers

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"You need to remove “lifetime support” from your gig images as that is against the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

As well as the forum rules make sure to read the Terms of Service for the rules as to how Fiverr works, and the consequences if you break them."

The above is advice I gave you in your previous topic 6 days ago.

You haven’t removed “lifetime support” so you are prepared to risk your account.

I will leave this with you.

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How will I know my account has lifetime support and how to remove it

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how can someone know he has and remove lifetime support

You will only have it if you wrote “lifetime support” somewhere in your gig, otherwise there is nothing to remove.

okay thank you
so if i did not write it anywhere in my gig that means i did not have it right?

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Too good question. it helpful for new comer

Thank you for information