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Why can't I get an order

I haven’t received any orders for a long time since then What is the reason for this.
If you know any tips, please let us know.
Thank you.


What are you selling?
Where are you selling?

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I am a graphics designer please see my gig.

Since the pandemic Fiverr has seen the number of sellers in many niches doubled and even tripled.

In your niche, you are one of 10,370 level 0 sellers. There are only 2100 level 1 and 2 sellers. So, your competition is very challenging.


Tell me if you have any idea what to do now.

Adding “please” would be nice.

Me thinking out loud… :thinking:

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Numbers are low?

This one is really scary, look at the new seller.

What should I do now?


So far nice gigs, in a couple of gigs you have just added 2 portfolio samples, You should use the maximum available slots. Your gigs are in very competitive categories, so getting orders are challenging. You got two reviews last week, which is a good sign. Check buyer request frequently though BR request is limited for the new seller, still a place to try.


Wow! I went with graphic designer.