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Why can't I get buys?

Hey guys! I was on my page, and saw that one of my gigs (The Youtube one) has over 500 views, and others have had over 300. That would be great, but I haven’t sold one gig. Obviously trafficking isn’t a problem, because I keep getting views on my page, so if you could go to my page and comment what you think, I would really appreciate it!


Views are nice, but how many clicks have you had from those views? Essentially views are generated if you’re seen on a page, and the clicks indicate that someone actually clicked into your gig.

Example. You might have 1000 views, but you might be in the middle of 20 or so other relevant gigs and yours doesn’t stand out enough. I recommend adding videos, to more clearly identify what your gig is about to make them stand out more and rank higher, :slight_smile: