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Why can't I get to Level 2?

I’ve been at 90% for Level 2 for some time and don’t know what’s keeping me on hold. I’ve been a seller for just under 3 years with 780+ orders. I completed 87 orders in the past 60 days and got 5 stars on 53 out of 54 reviews (one 4-star). Total review score is 4.95. Why don’t I qualify and what am I missing?

Contact Custom Support.

No issue please wait or contact to fiverr team!

I have the same issue here…
It’s almost 2 month here on Fiverr. I’ve got 73 Orders in less than 2 month (3 cancelled order by mutual aggrement) and 4.98 (5) star rating (Overall)

Did I need to wait for 2 month to get my Level 2 badge, or is there something else I need to do?

Fiverr support says my cancel rate is too high. About 5% if you don’t count people who order but never follow through with information to do the job.