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Why can't I help with math homework?


I keep trying to post a gig to offer to help people with math homework… but it keeps getting removed no matter how I change the wording. I understand we can’t do their homework for them, so I clearly stated that I am only going to provide help and assistance. There are so many gigs offering this same service, but mine gets removed! How am I supposed to word it?


Maybe offer tutoring? Or math lessons?


My first Math gig was removed even though I didn’t use “homework” at all.
“help you with math …” / “assist you in math…” and I stated in my gig’s description that I wouldn’t do assisgments. I don’t know if I’m “lucky” but it works for me.


Obviously they don’t want you to offer this kind of gig.


But there are other people offering this. Just search “math”. There are even people saying they will do tests/homework for you outright.


So what? If you keep having a gig removed doesn’t that tell you they don’t want it to be there?

Did you try what she suggested:


I don’t think you should be offering any tutoring over Fiverr. “Tutoring” to me always seems like code for “I will do your homework for you”. Here is my reasoning: Both high schools and universities have plenty of tutoring and homework help available to students free of charge (well…included in tuition, but you get what I mean).

When I was getting me B.A, I needed LOTS of help with my math gen-eds. My professor spent extra time with me. One of my classmates tutored me. In addition, I spent time between classes in both the tutoring center and the math lab.

Why would I hire someone over the internet, when my tuition was already paying for all of this help readily available to me on campus?
The only reason that I can see is that you are giving the students something they can’t get on campus, which is probably just doing the homework for them.

Good for Fiverr for cracking down on these sneaky homework gigs! I’ve been reporting them everytime I see one in the search results. I’m so glad to know Fiverr is starting to take steps to remove them.

Stop trying to put the gig back up. What you are doing is not right. Offer some other service that isn’t sketchy.


Pretty much cheating. You’re basically paying people to do your homework lol


Okay thanks for the suggestions everyone, I will try something different


There are actual sites you can tutor on, but Fiverr isn’t one of them. I’d suggest that if you’re really set on it you should try Fiverr and other websites specifically for tutoring.