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Why Can't i leave Neg feedback for Bad Seller?

i am so irritated! I purchased a gig from a guy and afterwards, he tells me i need to pay more. basically all i wanted was exactly what was stated in his gig title. but he says that to get it he wants $20 instead of $5. are you kidding me?! this is nuts. after a while of back and forth…me saying i only want what his gig title says, he tries to cancel the gig…i refuse . THREE times he tries to cancel on me. finally i give in and cancel but now there is no way for me to leave feedback!!! this is a serious flaw in the system. this guy is misleading buyers and gets away with it? how can there be no way for me to leave feedback? am i missing something? i can not believe that this is what Fiverr has in mind.

Feedback is (and should only) be left when an actual transaction has taken place. It would be terrible if people who have never bought anything from me were able to leave feedback about me (presumably negative). What you should do is contact customer support with screen shots to show them that this seller does not have a base gig for just $5. This is a violation of the TOS of Fiverr.

Also, there is no way to force a seller to work for you so declining the cancellations actually hurts your position. Good luck!

Hi OP,

I have not read about the seller sale page description so cant really comment who is right or wrong to be fair. I am not referring to you, but many times buyers just click to purchase without reading my sale page in detail and most of the time we had to mutually cancel the order.

It may seem nothing to the buyers as the fund can be returned back to their accounts, but to us the sellers, the rate of cancellation is very important to many of us the sellers here, as many are doing in full time. So it will be better to read the sale page in detail and contact the seller before placing any orders.

And for your case, if you did contact the seller and both agreed on the pricing, then it is not very honest of the seller in this case. It happened to me before too when we agreed on the pricing, but was the buyer that changed the script to more words, and the buyer was not very responsive to his order, so I had to stomach the small gigs losses as the delivery timing is ending soon.

As always, read, contact, discuss, agreed, then place order will save alot of misunderstanding.

All the best to OP and do enjoy the stay here, as there are still many great sellers with great products and services you can find for sure :slight_smile:

The cancellation and feedback system is a double-edged sword for both buyers and sellers. If you cancel, you get your money back, but you can’t leave feedback and you don’t technically own the work the the seller did for you. The seller doesn’t get the money for the work they did, either, and it racks up their cancellation ratio, which makes it difficult to achieve levels.

On the other hand, if you don’t cancel, and prefer to leave feedback to warn other buyers about someone you believe is a scam, you don’t get your money back. Like cheezees said, it really wouldn’t make sense for a buyer to be able to leave feedback when the transaction was essentially nullified and the seller is already punished by having an increased cancellation ratio (which, if it is high enough, buyers can see).

If he has one thing written in the gig title, but it says in the gig description that $5 actually buys you much less, and he’s that blatant about it, that does sound kind of like a scam, to be honest. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t already have negative feedback about it on the gig, if that really is the case.

You can rant all you want but the bottom line is all we have is your word. I’m sure the seller’s story would not chive with what you said. So are we suppose to believe just one side of the story? No.

Be lucky you can leave feedback at all. No matter how bad the buyer is, seller’s have to accept or cancel since rating a buyer does no good on Fiverr. Maybe when the rating system has the same weight for both buyer and seller, I may sympathize but it doesn’t.

Reply to @steveeyes: the seller clearly does not do ANYTHING for $5. he insists that i needed to contact him ahead of time…at which point i assume he would negotiate me up. i only wanted what was specified in the gig title. he is breaking the terms of the agreement and should be booted in my opinion. see the attached screen shot. he says he can not change the number 5. LOL

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Well, one rule of Fiverr is that a seller must at least sell something for $5 as a base price. If they refused to produce anything for $5, you could report the gig to Customer Support for not having any kind of $5 offer if you wish. They’d likely review it for legitimacy.

As sellers, I’m sure we’d all like to sell our gigs for at least $50 each (who wouldn’t like more income?), but we have to follow the rules and offer at least something for $5.