Why cant I make any sales?


I am doing youtube gigs, I see guys making tons of sales yet my youtube services are 10 timessssssss better. I mean literally there are guys offering so little yet I cant get any sales.




Some guy has over 400 sales and is only giving 30 likes and 10 comments…My gigs are so much better…where are my sales…I see others giving like 30 comments and small amounts of views…still making tons of sales…what’s wrong with fiverr search system


Im asking the same question here! i have’t got any sales too :frowning:

I think it’s from the way you promote yourself.

1-if you have a youtube channel tell people to check your fiverr out

2- you can buy other people’s services in the advertising section and drive traffic to your channel

3- you can buy one or two of your gigs with another account so that it would seem that someone has baught something from you therefore you might be trusted.

4- be more active in the fourm

5- post in social medias e.g twitter or facebook

6-make a reddit post

there are alot of things to do that I am lazy of doing.

most of the time… you just have to wait


also people would buy his one because it looks less botted.

also to attract more customers you should have better thumbnails. looking at yourones i can barely read the writing, it’s to small and won’t grab be there


Reply to @raysokool:

Try adding a video about what you offer, your gig is not unique so you will have to stick with it and really push your content. Also by mentioning U.S only you might be limiting yourself.


hi i just want o ask…this is off topic, where can i post my gig here to drive sales? thanks i am a newbie here


Here is my YouTube link where I posted samples of my work. Please check it out :slight_smile: