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Why can't I pay?

I am from Bangladesh.

Yesterday I received a custom offer But when I am clicking “confirm order” after placing all the card details in order to pay for the custom offer, it’s showing "There’s an issue with your payment. Here’s what you can do: Contact your bank or payment provider to get more details about the issue

Provide another payment method to complete your order."

I’ve contacted the bank they said there is no problem with my dual currency prepaid visa card.




Md Shamim Hossain


Please Check Its International card or not

It’s International Card

What Can I Do NOW?
Please Help ME

Brother, I am also from Bangladesh, I hope its a credit card. And not a dual currency card or prepaid card as like EBL aqua?

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EBL LifeStyle Card
It’s Dual Currency And I have Endorsed it.

This will not work, You have to own a credit card or you can pay through paypal. Prepaid card will not work as much i know

So, How can I open a PayPal in Bangladesh

EBL Aqua Is Also Prepaid Master Card

Yes, Did’t said aqua will works, please read carefully

Ohh, but how can i open paypal in bangladesh?

no way, have to borrow from any friend or family memebr if any one stays out side BD

OKh, Thanks For your help

I think, international spend limit is applied on your card. Check for the same

No, My spend Limit is 300 $

Maybe Currency problem. Please select the proper Currency.

It’s currency is USD

Contact support or change card