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Why can't i promote my gig?

I’m a level one seller and I got an email saying that I’m eligible for promoting my gig, but i do not see any button on my Fiverr that says promote my gig. my question is: how do I promote my gig ??


I think the option is in the drop down menu - click on your avatar on the top left (main site, not here)

I think there should be an option for “Promoted Gigs” on your dashboard between in-between “Analytics” and “Earnings” (based on the video). The help said it’s only available for level 2 or above (with other conditions on the rating and the number of reviews) and that it’s a manual selection but it seems like they’ve changed the conditions. If you still don’t see the option on the dashboard you could try logging out and logging back in.


is there anyone can promote own gig for free? I’m new That’s why i want to know

You can promote it for free in the “My Fiverr Gigs” section of the forum. Or you could promote it on another site as long as it wouldn’t be seen as spamming.

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Oh, thanks for your kind information