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Why can't i search sellers from specific country?

So let’s say I want a video spokesperson in Croatian, anyone can learn Croatian, but best is a seller that is NATIVELY speaking Croatian.

When it comes to Spanish, most people won’t know the difference between Spanish from Spain, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, Argentina or in between.

Disclosure: I am a Croatian/Peruvian living in Canada.

Sometimes you need a specific dialect, and Latin American Spanish accent, does not work for the project I want.


You can use the search for the service you want. It’s an a website that has sellers from all over the world ready to serve you.

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People within a certain country may be able to provide better services that are locale specific, like market research. I would love that to be done by a local when I need to find info about a given place. they know how things work there and can be more intuitive.

People on Fiverr are all over the world, but I when need people from a specific place. I’d like to be be to check that.

Are you suggesting that this functionality is available already? I only see the ability to check languages.

No you can’t search by location. You can filter through the search results yourself by looking at what country each seller is in if you want to find a seller in a specific country.

Right I know we cant. thats the inefficiency and quality challenge I’m speaking about.

Can people from Peru create their accounts and posts their gigs?