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Why can't I select a Country?

Why can’t I select a country of a gig I want to purchase? There should be a possibility that one can select a Gig Country like UK or USA when you search for a offer.

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There just isn’t a filter available for country as it’s a global marketplace.

If you click on individual gigs, you can see their country. :sunny:


Agree with 100%. :blush: :blush:


However if you are looking for a specialist then sometimes you need to narrow it down to a country, like a UK based tax accountant to do British taxes, or a uk pro to write a uk business plan… So in some areas it makes sense.

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If you’re looking for somebody in the UK, you could always add UK to your search criteria.

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******* [fiverr competitor] has a filter by country. Here, it seems everyone is from ********, which I wouldn’t care about except any payment I try to make to a freelancer in that region gets rejected.

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