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Why can't I sell anything?

To whom may want to comment,
I have been trying to sell my art for two years… and nothing has come of it.
People love my art, it’s just the people who comment on my art either don’t have the money to buy my art or they’re family so I do it for free. I’m at wits end, I really do want to make it as an artist. I have an Instagram, a few Facebook pages and even a Youtube channel.
Please help?


I am here to help you with your little problem. How much is your art, and how long do you take to make these. Maybe you need to lower your pricing, or simply someone to purchase and review this.


Hi @grey_arts, I feel sorry to know about your issue, but what I believe is, selling is itself an art. Having Instagram, Facebook or YouTube channel has no point, if they can’t sale your services or product. you must have to learn that how to create a call to action click. There are many motivation speakers on YouTube, Spend your little time to know how to sell in better way.

First of all you must go with the market demand. Convert this image into a greeting card would be more attractive for your visitors.

The best selling product in this entire world is an “idea”. If you have an idea, which have some sort of solution, everyone is ready to buy.

Furthermore, you must put more images in your gig. As you mentioned you are an animator too. Put some animation in your gig. Try to make it more attractive. Find your target market and share your gig there, I am sure. very soon you’ll receive an order.

One more thing you should remember, there are many “No” to get a single “Yes”.


Change it up a bit, try to draw other stuff. Maybe some original character, animals, or whatever crazy things people can ask for. You could also add a revision to the fast package.


There may not be a demand for this, plus you have many artist competitors on Fiverr.

You also aren’t tailoring to a business purpose.


Hit the nail on the head. Too few people seem to understand that not everything is in demand. 2-years without a sale means you either have to re-brand and market yourself differently or just sell something else.


Thanks, Cy. So important to design based on what people want and what isn’t super competitive, as long as you have the skills, of course.

So many Fiverr Sellers make gigs based on what they want to do, not on what buyers want.


No one bought this person’s art either until he had passed away. That’s how it is with art sometimes:

He worked as a lowly government clerk.


Since I have an illustration gig too, allow me to hop in.

Why do you have only ONE sample??
Personally I am quite puzzled when a seller with a singing gig has no videos,
and a designer/illustrator has only one sample image.:thinking:


Welcome to the community. You joined Fiverr today, so don’t panic just yet. You may still need to re-evaluate your strategy, but for now, give the users of this marketplace time to see your work and judge it.


It has nothing to do with you as an artist, it’s all about visibility. You are not getting any views.

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Hello, you need to put the size they will get, whether it will be a .jpg or what extension, and if you have a sample where you don’t have your name on it, since they will possibly want it to be for commercial use, that would help.

Also you mention types of backgrounds you can use but there are no samples of them. I like your art!


Well explained, patience is key.

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Her main problem is the keyword. She uses “animated” instead of cartoonized, drawing, etc. People who search “animated” will be taken to logo animations and even if they see her gig, this is not what they are looking for.


This made me think that you’ve been on Fiverr for 2 years, and haven’t sold anything. After I looked at your profile, I’ve noticed that you’ve joined this month. Sometimes sellers wait for a few months here before they make a first sale.

You’ve received some great advice already: show more samples, and be more clear about what it is you’re offering, especially in the gig title (I thought you were offering an animated drawing, like a logo animation). It would also help if you can define who’s your target audience. While your gig is unlikely to work for a business (and Fiverr is mostly business-oriented, that is, business owners or someone they’ve hired come here to get some work done for their company), it could work as a gift, so you could try rewriting your gig description with that in mind.

You could also try to come up with some other gigs, like book illustrations (if you can do them), model sheets for comics, animations, or video games… Think about what you can do that someone would be willing to pay for, not just to support you as an artist, but also because they can use it to make some money with their own product.


So you think that an artist, for example, who sells his arts for millions doesn’t have any business skill?
You’re either way too naive or the cyber bully.

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Quite true.

You definitely need more gig images. You have 3 slots but only use 1. Use all 3 for any gigs you have/set up (you can have up to 7 gigs as level 0 seller, use them for “niches” if you can think of any you can and would want to draw for, check out what other people sell and get inspired), and you also have additional … 2 slots, I think, to upload PDFs, so upload PDFs with samples of your art.
Your art is a visual one, obviously, so people want to see what you can do before they hire you.

I’ve bought a few graphic gigs here, some for business purposes and some as gifts, and, frankly, I wouldn’t buy from someone who has only 1 image, unless it was truly extraordinary and exactly what I have in mind perhaps. Any artist surely has a few works they are proud of and want people to see, present them to the world. Art makes the world a better place, put it out there. :green_heart:

Good luck and welcome to the forum, too.


I agree that the word “animated” shouldn’t be there since it’s confusing. I was looking to see what part of the art was animated.

Minus the artist’s signature and a description of what format the art would be in, and any samples of available backgrounds I think she can do well here with some changes and a couple of additional samples.


The gig needs more samples. Don’t tell your potential buyers that you can draw them a castle, show them the castle you’ve drawn instead.

Also, it says your main style is anime while your sample clearly isn’t.


The problem is, this is Fiverr, not La La Land. People come here to predominantly buy business-related services. No one sits at home and says to their hubby, "Darling, shall we shop on Fiverr for a beautiful piece of inspirational art today?"

If an artist creates strikingly beautiful art, there are these curious things online and in the real world called Art Galleries. There are also lots of more art-specific marketplaces like Etsy and Deviant Art.

To sell art on Fiverr. it will always be the case that sellers need to target specific business and commercial design niches. It is also the case, that some people might create art which doesn’t fit those niches. Saying that is not cyberbullying, it is the cold, hard, inconvenient truth of selling anything.