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Why can't i sell my first gig? Even when my demo work is good?


My gig looks pretty good so does my profile.Im offering creative names and taglines but i think i still lack somewhere,please shine some light on this…
Thank You!

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Well, have you been sending offers to buyer requests? That was how I got the ball rolling!


yeah! i do it all the time…


Have you been including a link to your demo/portfolio in your offers? It makes a big difference.


Actually the thing is,that i dont have any work online but yeah, i have attached pictures of my demo work in my gig.


Even if you dont have work, you can put together a demo. My voiceover demo is made of royalty free scripts, royalty free music and careful editing. Sounds pretty impressive and definitely pulls buyers in.


Ecxatly, i have attached my demo work in gig gallery.You can take a look bro.But still no one seems to be interested.I mean does it sound amaeturish you know…