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Why can't i unlink and change my payoneer account?

It’s been a long time many account holders are complaining about Payoneer’s poor customer service.This is 2nd time i am facing problem to withdraw money. Last time my card was blocked and customer support told me they don’t know why…and this time the whole account is blocked and i cant even reach them to know why it was blocked ( they don’t reply emails and to go for live chat i must login which i can’t because my account is blocked - how funny )… Comparatively fiverr support is one of the best but it would be a great help if fiverr LET US UNLINK PAYONEER ACCOUNT AND CHANGE TO NEW account in case that payoneer account is blocked or have some other issue. which will be much better way to avoid inconvenient and annoying service from payoneer customer care .
N:B: Paypal is not available widely

Yes ! This is a huge issue ! your problem solved then ? How ?