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Why can't I use brackets?

Why is it, that when I am creating a Gig title am I not allowed to use ()'s?

Why are these and other symbols not allowed?

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Fiverr doesn’t believe in brackets - or any other form of punctuation except hyphens. I have no doubt there is some conspiracy theory about it …

But for now, accept the inevitable and don’t try to use punctuation Fiverr refuses to accept … !


Hahaha that’s funny. Maybe we should all write things grammatically incorrect from now on!

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You could have commas in the title too :slight_smile:

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Maybe they want to make things simpler. eg. for searching/display or so things look a certain way when displayed. But I agree they should add them. If they have no problem with them in gig descriptions (the text of which is also searchable) it doesn’t make a lot of sense not to allow them in gig titles too.