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Why can't I withdraw a custom offer?

I am nearly out of patience with this place! Can someone please tell me if it’s just ANOTHER GLITCH that clicking on “Withdraw Offer” just re-loads the message page, or do we no longer have the ability to withdraw custom offers?

I think this is just a bug now or problem with your browser because we still have the ability to withdraw no problem. Don’t worry, it will be alright soon. You can try to clean your browser cookie.

I think its a temp glitch. I have this occasionally when it looks like it hasnt withdrawn. But reload the page (maybe a bit later) and it should be gone.

Thanks guys. I cleared the browser and hard re-freshed the page, but the offer is still available.

It’s not that big of a deal, I just like to be able to control my own workflow. :slight_smile:

Reply to @itsyourthing: In the message itself, does it not say “Your buyer will not be able to place this order.” I had occasion to cancel a Custom Order a few weeks ago and that was the message I got. However my message list has it flagged as a Custom Order. Perhaps forever.

Reply to @ricksper: What happened is that I did a custom offer and the potential client decided to ask for something different, so I withdrew the original offer - which worked fine, I got the message you mention and it’s still there - then I submitted a new offer in the same message thread.

The potential client hasn’t ordered and since she was very time consuming just with the sheer volume of questions/messages, I’d rather withdraw the second offer than have it show up as an (annoying) order down the road.

It’s the second offer in the thread that won’t withdraw. It’s still saying “waiting for response”. I read somewhere that they ‘expire’ after 30 days, but I personally like to control my tools, not wait to see if it works or doesn’t at some random, future time.