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Why can't I withdraw funds ?!

I waited until there was a considerable balance on my account and attempted to withdraw to PayPal. I followed the steps as per usual (been on Fiverr for 3 years) and even got an email notification advising that the payment was successful. Yet on Fiverr, the balance remains the same while there’s a debit which reads “Withdrawal Initiated”. Following by a credit “Witgdrawal Failes”. Three days I have been having this issue each time I attempt to withdraw funds. My kids are literally starving. It’s a considerable sum which I was looking forward to receiving by now. Why coan’t I get the money which I earned. This was reported to Fiverr Support three days ago with absolutely no response. Someone please assist me. I’m at my wits end

Unfortunately, only Fiverr can give you the reason why the withdrawl failed and what your next steps should be. Have you checked to make sure you are sending the PayPal funds to the right email? Have you tried to initiate the transfer again since the initial fail? Sometimes PayPal has issues, but, not too often. I just did a transfer and had no issue. If your money is back in your account, go check to make sure on PayPal that the email matches what you use on Fiverr to send funds. That is the only thing I can think of other than perhaps PayPal having a glitch when you tried - ?


The email address is the same. I haven’t changed anything to do with Fiverr or PayPal. It’s all correct. I tried 4 times so far; each day between and inclusive of October 10 to 13. It only allows me one try per day. So even when the stupid withdrawal FAILS and I try again, I get a message that I’ve reached my withdrawal limit on the second try!!

By the way, PayPal is working just fine when I received funds yesterday October 12 from another source.

You really need to contact customer services about this, then. It’s probably some technical glitch. Perhaps your bank isn’t recognized (it could be the case if you’re with a smaller regional bank)? I dunno.

I have contacted sipport. No response since opening a ticket on October 10.

Settle in for the wait–it’s understaffed. If you don’t have a response after the 15th, update the ticket. Don’t open a new one.

Yeah, I know this sucks…

Where is the LINK to withdrawal?

i also have same problem…fake apps…stolen my money…didnot let me to withdraw

Wow careful here! Don’t blame it on the App!

Here is how it works from Desktop.

  1. Go to your “Revenues” and click “Paypal Account” or your preferred withdrawal method.
    2.You will receive an email with a link (make sure you are logged in while clicking on the withdrawal link)
    3.You will receive an email from Fiverr telling you the withdrawal was successful.

Sometimes it can take a few days for your money to come through.

If you followed the steps and are still experiencing issues you can contact customer support for assistance.


I have done a few jobs for people and still can’t withdraw any money from my account. I have made a few hundred dollars and I don’t see anything in my account? Why?

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