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Why can't I withdraw my funds?


I have $16 dollars available to withdraw and another $12 awaiting clearance. I’ve been very disappointed with the lack of ease in obtaining my earnings through this website. I tried linking my bank account for direct deposit and it said I completed the process through a third party website called Payoneer, but I never received an email confirming the completion of that form, nor did I receive any login info for Payoneer. Now when I try to switch over to Paypal to get my money I get an alert saying I don’t have enough “gains”. Perhaps I am doing something wrong or not being patient enough but I don’t work for free and right now it feels like Fiverr are keeping my money in limbo. And now to top it all off, when I try to contact customer support it says I can’t send my message until I get an email and click a link but guess what? I’m not getting any email!

Any info as to what I could be doing wrong or what they’re doing wrong would be helpful.


Have you checked your Email’s spam folder to confirm your account? Also, sound stupid, but are you sure you have put in the correct email address?

Not entirely sure how Fiverr links to payoneer - I’ve just signed up to payoneer and and requested my card, waiting for it to arrive. Will know more about the linking after that.

If your Fiverr account new?


It appears your email account is not forwarding these email to you, it might detect those as spam.

Did you check your spam folder?