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Why can't people just communicate maturely?!

Pure rant because I’ll likely just move on from this anyway, but…

I was just going through my starred messages, following up with people and such, when I noticed one buyer had “user is not accepting messages at this time.” Though their profile is still visible.

I assume this means they blocked me. Not sure why. They contacted me a few weeks ago asking to have their legal book edited, and we had a few conversations back and forth about possible research. The conversation was polite and positive.

I sent a follow up, one I send to most people if I haven’t heard back for a while but notice they’ve been online (just checking in, are you happy with the cost…that sort of thing). I noticed they hired someone else to edit the work based on a recent review they have on their page…

I am more than fine with that - not every message results in an order! But just freaking SAY that then, instead of being damn rude about it and just blocking someone because you can’t deal with letting people down.

I am not one bit bothered if my prices are too high or you got someone with more specific experience to do your work. Just bloody be up front about it like an actual adult!


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Sadly maturity is not a central feature of humanity. It should be by now given The Magna Carta, The Renaissance, The Reformation, The French & American Revolutions, The Westminster System of Law & Government, WWI & II…

However, people would rather be Dumb - dumb being so focused on your self-interest that you harm your own self-interest seeing it seems easier. Even if the consequences are not (read all the posts here of people who bypass the TOS then cry when pinged for their self-created stupidity).

This is seen in a situation like you describe as if one of those people comes back to you at a later date, you now know they have no honor and are likely to snub them as they snubbed you. By being so self-interested as to ghost you rather than saying thanks (which would take a minute) next time you will give them nothing seeing they have proven what a POS they are.


Cause they’ve found a high-level seller with affordable price & then sounds like they’re Just Busy…Please don’t bother them & waste their “valuable” time… :innocent: