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Why can't people just comply?

I woke up and the first thing I did was check my messages on Fiverr. Someone wanted some thumbnails done so I said great and asked for more information about how he would like them and stuff just so I can be sure I have everything I need to get to work. Two messages in and he’s asking me if I can get in a call on an app called discord because it would be easier to talk there. I said no because it would go against the terms of service and he sort of backed away, I said thanks for reaching out and it’s all good. 5 minutes later I come back to this:

“No offense but like if someone is offering you pay you money for a service and they request a better way of communication and you decline because of “terms of service” then that’s just kinda… stupid”

I said it’s not worth getting a warning over something like this and he kept going on about why am I being so serious about the tos and its not like I live off Fiverr, which in fact I don’t but it does give me some income and it’s not an excuse to get a warning.

At the end I blocked him and now I’m over here ranting :joy:

What would you guys do in this situation?


They’re mad because they probably wanted to scam you outta some extra cash and knew they couldn’t get away with it using Fiverr. You did the right thing!


These people are human garbage. The best thing is to just ignore and block them. Whenever someone asks to communicate elsewhere, just say no and report the message.

This is why 99% of people want to contact you by phone, email, or whatever.

Back in 2018, I started work on a platform that allows Skipe communication between buyers and sellers. People kept asking to chat on Skipe and I only agreed to because I assumed this was standard practice.

Long story short, every single person I chatted to on Skipe either wanted to scam me or convince me why I should agree to work for something pathetic like $1 per 500-word article.


The ammount of disrespect is what pissed me off. I’ve been on Fiverr for a year and this was a first :joy:


My experience with calling clients has been great - I can weed out the cheapos easily, and I have been able to double initial budgets several times just by having the right conversation.