Why can't Sellers and Buyers be friendly to each other when they are working together?


I love to make all the conversations as light as possible (while trying to be as professional as possible). When a buyer wants a work and a seller wants money serving the buyer, why there should be any hierarchy ? They should be friends to each other. What’s your take ?




Dear Design Palace:

There are over 7 billion people on Earth and so many different personality types that it is nearly impossible to predict how you will interact with random Buyers.

Maybe you’re an extrovert and your Buyer is an introvert. Maybe they’re self-conscious about perceived language barriers. Maybe you remind them of the girl that broke their heart when they were 6 years old by refusing their hand-painted Valentine.

So, to sum up, you’ll naturally click with some folks and not with others.

That’s just how it goes.

I agree that it would be nice to have good relations with all Buyers.

Good luck,

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Congratulations for your badge ! I am behind only 6.99 billion…see, I made you a friend…lol…but honestly, I am most comfortable when a buyer is friendly !


I don’t think they need to be friends as such, friendly - yes, that makes things easier but not overly familiar or chatty.
I think the buyer - seller relationship that works best is partnership rather than friendship or boss-employee.


I like my relationships with my buyers to be friendly, but I don’t want to be their friend. Being ‘friends’ comes with an emotional burden and obligations. That doesn’t mean to say there has to be hierarchy. I always reference working with my clients, not for them.


You are absolutely right. Yes, if they can be friendly with each other, the
better results can be acquired. I remember, I used to be kind of afraid of
buyers in my initial days on Fiverr, but now i feel myself quite


Yes very true. Friendly mode is quite sufficient, in stead of being
friends. I have made wrong selection of word😂


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P.P.S. [Slightly off-topic]: I’ve tried to earn my “Autobiographer” Badge, but don’t know what I’m missing… does anybody know?

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why there should be any hierarchy ?

There is no hierarchy really unless you act as if there is one. You´re free to work with buyers or to not work with them, and you´re free to play hierarchy, or to not play it. Just as they are free to choose sellers who treat them friendly and/or polite, or sellers who treat them as if they stood higher in some perceived hierarchy.


“You are a professional so just behave like one!” - By ‘don’t remember’ :joy:


Dont expect them from them any friendly relation . End of the day , They will ask you to give them free work, Because they are your friends.

So , Be professional And respect yourself. Believe in you …

All the best



Great common sense.
P.s I’m an introvert.


Yes,I always try to make a good relation with my clients but not as a friend.I want to work with them again and again .Be friendly age is another important fact.some of my client have much age than me.so as a friend not a matter .keep going with good relationship .Thats help .
Thanks all;))


Hi Everyone,
I’m new to being a Seller on Fiverr and just had my first sale the other day. I was surprised that it happened as quickly as it did and my experience with the Buyer was that we were co-creating the project together… and there didn’t seem to be the roles of Buyer/Seller being played out. It turned out to being a good experience for both of us.


Congratulations. Wish you all your experiences be pleasant like that first


Free market driven economies are demand driven and will always have a hierarchy so the buyer will always enjoy a hierarchy. It’s not about how they feel about you or how you feel about them, it’s just the nature of the system. It’s an economic model not a social model.

Karl Marx would be very proud of you but there’s a good reason Communism failed, because it failed to recognize the inequalities within human beings and systems, which is what makes us human. The one driving the sales will always have a commanding position over the service provider. This basic framework is not going to change.

Could we simply just deliver what’s promised and relegate the friendliness to the gig feedback section? That’d be great. Fiverr is not Tinder.


_I think that people should be friendly and polite to anyone he or she talks in and out of the internet,if you hire me to make soething for you that would not be different but that does not mean that I am a friend of yours,I have to deal with you with respect and in a pleasant way and still deliver the job that you hired e to do in the most professional way possible.:smirk:


True. But when a creative work is carried out or anything is carried out
for someone else, there should be mutual respect though its an economy
model, that’s what I believe.


Hi…Yeah I feel comfortable and pretty good when buyer is friendly…To be honest when i deliver my work for the 1st time,there is some butterflying feelings arises in stomach…But when ones approve it or kindly ask for modification i feel wow…


Yes that happens with almost everyone, at least in the initial phase of