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Why can't there be a delete option in the forum?!

Please delete this post since I can’t!

(Laugh Out Loud)

Why can’t there be a “delete my post” option in the forum???

I suppose you would need to take that up with CS Support.

I usually do my orders for nice rounded figures… nothing uneven like $99

I see that you change the topic all together lol. Well I suppose Fiverr likes to keep all things for archiving purposes or maybe they will go thru and close the discussion but never delete.

Now you have given yourself and the mods a problem. I may answer your delete question later if it was intended as a real one. By changing your topic, the responses look weird. Even so, if you just replace the content and title to “delete this” at least sheriffs know what you want.

On this one, you asked for deletion but you added a new “suggestion” (delete button) and you asked a question! If I answer the question and delete the post, no one sees the answer so it’s a waste of time. So, you’ve left your post stuck in purgatory. :-/

Reply to @fonthaunt: In fact that’s exactly what happened!
This post was something entirely different and I wanted to delete it!!

After realising that I coudn’t delete my own post I decided to add it into the suggestion box!!! lol

PLEASE don’t delete this post since we all want this feature!!