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Why can't we block a buyer on Fiverr?


There should be a way to block a buyer on Fiverr. This lady places an order and then don’t want to pay so she wants to cancel for a generic reason AFTER I’ve done the work. I had already sent the work and within hours. I dropped everything to do her gig. Time wasted but if I decline her cancelation then she’ll just give an unjust negative review. So, I just agreed to mutually cancel but I do not want to work with people like that. We should be able to block buyers. Fiverr, please fix create a block button. $5 or $100 isn’t worth us having to deal with situations like this. My time could’ve been better spent.


Even me also facing the same issue. I want to block one buyer because he have mentioned about 5 small project. Later he changed the project to big one. Which cannot be done below 40. But I have created all of it for $5 which is waste of time, otherwise we will end up in negative review! - We believe in very good customer service. But this is called cheating from this guy.

Look at this attachment I have created it for only 5$.

So, kindly consider this as in seriously painful issue for seller! and please make the required changes and kindly make us to have a block button.


If I we’re you I would never go beyond my services for what he paid. If he gives you bad review because request more work then he paid, fiverr support team will help. Nice job, but for $5 ? He should at least give you a tip but clearly it is poor buyer (poor in soul). :grinning:


If we cancel the order, our cancellation rate will increase then how can we make the things better in this case!


Support team will understand the situation and will not affect your gig or profile in any way :slight_smile:


I have had issues similar to this but sometimes its even hard to contact support because you don’t know what their response might be.


I have never cancelled an order after I delivered it. One person argued for an hour with me and kept saying I need my money over and over as the reason. It was within five minutes after I delivered it.

When she ordered she told me she had just cancelled an order for the same thing with another seller. So she goes around doing this over and over with sellers. It stopped with me, since I said no.

I agree that it would be nice to block a buyer. I doubt if it will happen though.


Fiverr has a policy that after an order gets completed you will have to respond to every query of buyer which will come to you within 72 hours of completion. If you just ignore them or report them for spamming after the submission, they can get a refund anytime. Even after months.