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Why can't we message buyers who aren't sellers?

I’m not sure if this has been explained somewhere already, and if it has, I’m sorry and this thread can be deleted if you tell me where it is.

Just wondering why I can’t message someone who is a buyer on Fiverr if he doesn’t have any active gigs.

For example: (I am not really a graphic designer, just think it’s the easiest to explain)

I am a graphic designer. I design an AMAZING logo for someone, it’s a new profile without a profile picture and he buys the source files and everything. Let’s say I design 2 more for 2 other new profiles. These 3 logos are some of my best work and I am truly amazed myself.

Now, 5 weeks have passed and I decide to check out some other graphic designers. After some time, I find a new seller with some positive reviews. I see on his gig image the 3 logos I’m proud of. I check out the reviews and see that he actually delivered my logos with only text changes. The reviews say “OMG Best artist on Fiverr!!!” or such. Now I feel bad and I want to let the buyers know that I was actually the one who made those logos. I go to their profiles: Unable to message.

I am not sure why this is the case. If someone has no gigs, they are not likely to get spammed, right? There are very few people who will ever find their profiles and those will be either potential sellers who come from a buyer’s request (sometimes we forget or don’t have enough place to put everything we want in the offer) OR someone who has something to say based on their review of a certain gig.

Possible case could be angry sellers who got bad reviews that want to spam their inbox. This could be solved by not allowing more than 3 messages in a row without a reply, or with a simple ‘block’ and ‘report’ from the no-gigs buyer.

If there is a good reason for this, I am sorry for my rant, am just surprised to be unable to send a message first (I can reply if they contact me first with no problems) to any Fiverr user who doesn’t want to sell.

I’m wondering just about the same thing, except I don’t seem to be able to message ANYONE without it being related to a gig or offer yet I get tons of messages from random sellers trying to get me to buy their gigs.

Reply to @kjblynx: Thanks for the reply, but you are level 2 and obviously have a gig active. I am referring to people who only BUY on Fiverr. Doubt any of those would get any sellers promoting in their inbox because they wouldn’t even find them. Especially if they don’t even write on forums.

Reply to @kjblynx: Not sure what exactly you mean by “relevant to the current system”, but I find not being able to tell someone he has been scammed or given a stolen work pretty unfortunate, relevant or not.

I didn’t know there was once a “free reign messaging”. Thanks for telling me that and that it was bad. I still think they should implement some sort of way to contact “buyers only” though, just without the spam risk. Adding a separate messaging system on the forum which doesn’t affect the respond time/rate on the official site comes to mind, but I guess that’s a pipe dream.

Thanks again for your replies.

Reply to @zeromark: but it is not for you to tell them, you should write to Fivverr and let them handle it. And if you find your work outside somewhere on a website then you can simply contact the person there if you are concerned about copyright infringement or issues a cease and desist notice if you find your work on a public website somewhere.

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