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Why captcha code

why I have to fill captcha code if I refresh while working at fiverr

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Are you using an auto-refresher? Are you refreshing your page often?


It can happen if you open Fiverr pages too quickly, like if you quickly open a few Fiverr tabs in about a second.


Yesh that’s right if you faster than a human like using any apps to auto reloader auto refresher so on. It’s can effect on your account so please do custom as you want to do in Fiverr.
Thank you

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No, I don’t use any auto refresher. But I often refreshing my page, Cause it shows me offline after a while. is any solution for this?

Maybe refresh the page less often. Maybe there’s different limits like max refreshes per second and max refreshes per hour or maybe per day.

Hello @ronjon441
It seems like something robotic extension or third party site allowed to your browser. Please remove the unnecessary extensions, block third party permissions and also delete all caches n cookies.
My recommendation: Uninstall the browser and re-install it.

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Thank you for your valuable replay

I’ve noticed Captcha appears more often for me if I have my VPN switched on, so if you have a VPN or any other browser protection you could try turning that off while you work in Fiverr.

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Thank. you brother, but I don’t use any VPN

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No problem. Some browsers have built in features, such as pop-up blockers, privacy tools etc. so it might be worth taking a look at your settings and extensions, just to make sure there’s nothing switched on you’re not aware of.

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