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Why charging on Tip?

Why Fiverr is charging on Tip??? It’s against rule…!!!

If you are referring to the percentage taken from the tip. No. It isn’t.

They have always taken their fee from the tip.

Fiverr is the whole reason you got a tip in the first place - It’s only fair!

Against what rule? They charge a commission on tips to keep unethical sellers from abusing the system.

If you don’t want tips due to commissions, you could try putting a note in your gig description asking buyers to not tip you. I can’t see any good for you in that, but if you think the tips feature is against your personal rules, that’s all you can do.

They do that because many users may abuse of that. For example a unethical seller may ask a buyer to pay them $5 and then leave a higher tip to avoid paying the fiverr fee.

So, think about the great opportunity of getting tips! instead.

This topic is already discussed many times on forum.~ If tips are not charged, people would skip around the rules. “Order the $5 gig then tip me the $50 to add up to the total for the work” It just isn’t going to work.
Fee on tips has to match the fee for a regular purchase or else the tipping system will be horridly abused. I dislike it, I’d want my whole tip, but its necessary to keep the system from breaking.
The only thing that can be asked to fiverr is to lower the commission a lil bit.

But in my opinion, 20% is not high at all. (still more than most (not all some are charging 40%) of other freelancing websites)

Never mind the cost of running the site, running two offices- one in tel aviv and new york…

If you had a store you will need to pay rent, pay bills. Lots of it. The owner of the building doesn’t care if you sell or not. Rent needs to be paid. and moreover, you will not be having exposure to buyers from all over the world.

There’s also insurance, stock, internet, store maintenance, advertising etc, etc.

Fiverr’s 20% is not bad at all. And the best part is you only have to pay it if you sell something.

Still not liking it? Well… factor that into the cost of your gig. When deciding if a gig is worth doing for 5 bucks, instead ask if it’s worth doing for 4 bucks.

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Very good reply.

I disagree, I believe fiverr should allow us keep the tip, after all tip is a tip, and work is work, where commission is ok to take out.

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Seller should never ask for tips, therefor no abuse can be done. Beside tip is voluntary and it’s the buyer’s decision to tip or not to tip.