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Why cheat Sellers?


So fiverr decided to start the year by canceling an order of $265 even after the buyer left a 5 star review… This ks really sad as i have seen sellers complain so much about this and now it bas happened to me… This is really pathetic… Very pathetic…


Was it a chargeback?


Not sure it was… They just sent an email stating that the buyer cancelled the order


Sorry to hear that. I think it’s paypal dispute case. This buyer done paypal dispute that’s why fiverr cancel this order. Here nothing to do fiverr because if a buyer dispute a transaction fiverr just accept it and cancel this order. Don’t be sad this world all people is not good but there are many good mind person living this world.


My experience, both as a seller, and as a long-time forum veteran, indicates that this was, most likely a PayPal Chargeback. Buyers cannot just cancel orders of their own choosing, and Fiverr isn’t going to force-issue a refund just because a buyer asks for it. If an order is completed and delivered, the price of that order is yours (as soon as it clears the 14-day waiting period).

The only way an order – especially one that expensive – gets automatically cancelled after completion is because the buyer went to Paypal and demanded a chargeback. Fiverr is unable to contest those, and the order is cancelled. Of course, the buyer then becomes public enemy #1 in Fiverr’s eyes, and is banned from ever using Fiverr again. :wink:


It already passed the 14 days clearance… Well i have to take this to heart… and keep working hard… Tho i already have active orders that can make up for that loss…


You said it was past the 14 days. Curious, did Fiverr take that balance away from your Fiverr balance. I know some sellers have said that they show a negative balance after similar situations?

Ps, I am really sorry buddy. Hate to hear of things like this. Keep your head up!


Sorry to hear that. :frowning: Did you contact CS? What did they say?


Yea i did… But no response yet


Currently showing a negative balance


When buyer cheat it is sad