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Why Children Book Illustrators Earnig So much!


Hi there!! I just wanted to know are Children Book Illustrators earning enough money- Please share/ guide on the price of Illustration and How you make the most of the three levels of packages?

Please Break the Ice and tell me if a children book illustrator is Able to earn 4000$ per month if yes How How How!! I will appreciate you kind comment!!

thank you in advance :slight_smile:


Talented ones are in demand. Yes they do earn that much and more. They do it by getting a lot of orders and charging more.


Anyone who has a lot of talent, the ability to showcase skills and the ability to find an audience can make an unlimited amount of money on Fiverr. Most sellers will not make anywhere near 4K a month because most cannot meet all of that criteria. Sure, it can be done, though.


Definitely doable! Develop an attractive, desirable style, do each and every order to 100%, most clients return. Build a client base. Don’t undervalue your work! Find a balance of what’s affordable to most but still pays fair so you have a steady stream of messages/orders. Raise your prices a bit when the demand is more than you can handle. Don’t have 5$ gigs (I haven’t had a problematic buyer since I set my min to 15$). A lot of people sense when somethings ‘too cheap to be good’ and the ones that expect the world for 5$ are an absolute pain. The basic/stabdard/premium never worked for me, 90% of my sales is custom offers anyway. People were either messaging me or ordering the ‘basic’. If you have to, go to buyers requests but get out of there as soon as you can. Don’t use vacation mode, rather pause the gigs or set the limit to active orders of you want to take a break or are overbooked, I find that that keeps you in a right place. Thats my two cents!


There really is no “how,” you just need to be good at what you do.
I do children’s book illustration outside Fiverr, and I charge $200 per image.
Depending on how often I get work and how many images I get, so yes, it is possible to
get $4000 per month. Not going to be easy though, you’ll have to put in a lot of effort for sure.


Thank you It was more than a Two Cents Advice!! I Amazing !! you are Right! most of the order comes through Custom Order- I was Scared if I will change the Price (to a higher one) I will lose my ranking- Also if I put the limit on active gig will it stay where it is?

Thank you!! hope to talk in future :slight_smile: Best Wishes to you :slight_smile:


Hey Zeus777! I am making 100% original Illustrations which takes 2-3 days to complete- with the revisions and all that- and I charge 15$ per Illustrations!! although I am satisfied but I feel as if I should get more for my services :slight_smile:

Now I am waiting to become a level 2 seller and than Start Charging more!! what do you think :slight_smile: thank you!!have a great Day!!


Hey Fonthunt! loved your Comment!! Great Idea!! I would love to know more about the Second part- Ability to find an audience!! if you will please Shed some more light on it :slight_smile: thank you!!

@misscrystal Hmm yeah talent is a must!! but some talented’s are dumb they dont know how to earn or Something!!


If you’ve Talent and provide your customers a quality work that Worth 400$ than definitely you can earn this much money.

Best of luck…


I think the ability to find an audience is the most difficult one…

Talent is hard work and practice (for the most part) and showcase skills can also be developed over time. But finding an audience is kind of an enigma to me…


Children book illustrations is really creative work. You have good at in Illustrations. That’s why those seller charge more than other seller. And yes it’s possible to make 4K dollar in months.


Well you are right but I see most of the level 2 sellers and level 1 sellers are just charging 20-30$ per Illustrations!! and 1 illustration takes aprox 1 day so- hmm 900$ per month :stuck_out_tongue:


Truth is everyone is not earning 4k$. Few of them can make it.


Hey Guys A New Update on my GIg!! Well there is a Good news that I am Overbooked for the next 3 months and I have marked it on my Gig but when today I looked at the gig status- the Impressions are starting to fall and the Clicks have fallen Dramatically- So if I stay busy till 2 months and what if the Gig Impression falls to even a lower point what will happen than? Will I be able to get customers straight away? I am So Confused and Worried and I am eagerly waiting for your Kind Response to help me in this Situation My Dear Friends!!

thanks Hope to talk soon!!


You don’t need to put yourself out of the office. You can just put a limit on orders in queue.

I also just had a look at your gig and I would recommend to remove “fiverr” logo, five stars and “level one” badge from your photos on the gig. There were quite a few stories here recently that gigs where denied because of those things and out on hold. And you have all of them 3 together. That’s just a suggestion before that got you into trouble.


thank you!! I had a Post with the title of ways of getting banned by Fiverr but didint got this there- I will include it there- thank you!! I will read more into this matter also!!

Looks Like I have the Perfect Recipe for Disaster :smiley: