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Why could I not get order?


Hello Everyone,

I created few gig and have done lots social share. Yet I do not get any order. How can I get order? Is there anything wrong in m gig? Where I have to work so hard for gatting my first order in Fiverr. Can you tell the way please? Is there anyway you guys apply?


Hi, well it looks like you’re brand new to Fiverr and you only have three gigs listed.

Try to start all seven gigs that you’re allowed as a newbie.

Also, what has worked for me is to pick a common “look and feel” for your gig previews.

Your thumbnails are all over the place. Pick a nice design and make slight adjustments to it for each specific gig.

Best of luck!


In addition to what @brooksrembert said:

Keep in mind that Fiverr is not a get-rich-quick website. You’re not going to be successful overnight. In fact, your gigs may not catch on right away, and it may be a few months before you start earning sales. Be aware that competition is fierce here. You are not guaranteed sales and success just because you have gigs on Fiverr. That’s not how this works. Like any professional business, there is a LOT of hard work required – and that means a lot more work than just posting your gig links on social media, and waiting for sales.

That’s not how this works either.

Think outside the box, diversify your marketing, Be unique. Work hard in all areas of branding and marketing. YOU are the only person that build your success. And you are likely to get out of this, only as much as you put into it. Fiverr gigs are a business. If you’re not willing to think of it as such, you’re probably not going to find a lot of success here.

Don’t expect great things with minimal work. That’s not how this works either.


Hi, Brooksrembert

Thanks for valuable advised. Yes I only made three gigs. Today I will create all of my gigs. I found my thumbnails looks after others. Very soon I will optimize my gig.

Thanks again


hello jonbaas,

Thanks for your suggestion. I know this is not get-rich-quick process. I am not expecting to be success overnight. I just run out my patience. But I have to patience. I hope you guys are helped me in future.

Thanks man.