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Why "create custom wordpress plugin" gig potentially violates 3rd party copyright?


I dont know why my gig was did not pass fiverr moderation. It is " create a custom wordpress plugin/widget for website" … They said : this gig potentially violates 3rd party copyright/trademark… Why?


Do you have a video? If you have a video with music in it, that will do it too.


I don’t know, but your gig sounds awesome.


Could be in connection with Word Press? o.O I would contact Customer Support, after reviewing your Gig for potential copyright violations (like as was mentioned - having music in your Gig). Be polite, obviously, but let them know you are just very confused.


No it cannot be WP, as WP is open source.


And someone else had that issue with their Gig Video having "images" that contained copyrights as well as the music as Cait says.


Go to Jewel Beat or other places where they have quality stock footage that can be used after paying a modest fee. I paid about $10 for an entire album of quality theme music, with variations of each theme timed in various lengths for campaigns. Once you pay the fee, pragmatically you can use the music for any purpose you want. (Pragmatically, because they have different options for major corporate usage which number in millions of contacts, not the typical low thousands that fiverr gigsters use.)