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Why Cs confused?

With due respect , I am trying to tell Our Fiverr Cs that buyer wants to show their work samples in my profile. but buyer never find a option that They can add.

Check this screenshot , I hope you understand. What I supposed to do now.


Your screenshot doesn’t give any information that would allow an answer to your question in the forum. Your question in the forum is, “Why is CS confused?” You didn’t say what CS replied to you that makes you believe they are confused.

You didn’t say what you wrote in your ticket to CS, unless all you did was send them that image with no other explanation. If you sent me that image only, I wouldn’t be able to determine based on that why the image isn’t showing. It isn’t enough information. What did you say to CS exactly and what did they say back to you?

Why would a buyer be so eager to have his delivery from you show up on a review?

Let the buyer ask customer service that question since he is the one who is asking.

Who knows, why buyer wants to show. They also communicate , but … The review section , a thumbnail must show, but this thumbnail never showed. Just star and review box.
So ,Its not fault any buyers. Its a bug that that section is missing .

Is your Live Portfolio turned on?

How to turn on?

Edit the Gig and;Click the drop down pointer. Place a check mark on Live Portfolio

confused and did not find … sorry

From the website: If you visit the ‘My Gigs’ page in your account, there should be an arrow that points down, with a box around it to the right of the statistics.

Click on that and it should open a drop down menu.

The last option (below Add Video) should say Live Portfolio with a box next to it.

If the box is checked, it’s already on. If not, click on the box to turn it on.

Some categories may have it always on, in which case it will be greyed out and just say On.

If it’s missing from the drop down menu, you should contact CS.

If it’s already on, it should be available to the Buyer. If not, they need to contact CS.

already all are checked.
But Thanks