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Why customer support is not reaching out to me, even 15 days pat?

I am a level 2 seller, and i am having some bad experiences from the last two weeks. I have tried reaching to customer support on couple of occasions from the and now almost 14 days have gone but got no reply from them except an auto reply.

here are some of them,

  • buyer placed order after lot of conversation that he/she need a use case diagram for amazon shopping app in 7 days, order started and i delivered him/her in couple of days, the buyer went through it and requested some minor changes, i delivered exactly what he/she said, this happened 3 times . After around 2 hours the buyer requested to cancel order stating ‘I will do the work myself, if i needed help i will come back to you’ , i also had delivered source files by then. i rejected his offer of cancellation 2 times and then the CS cancelled the ordered by themselves.

  • Other one is about a gig which denied, reason they gave was not original pictures used, however i used all the pictures from the work i did in the past for my clients on the fiverr.

  • i made changes to my one of gig and it disappeared completely from the search results lists, tried every keyword possible nothing. I tried to check for this issue and found that its under review from their side and they asked to contact us. I then again opened another CS application request for this issue.

My point is when i will receive the support from them, its 14 days already past, i am really disappointed with them.

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I’m also level 2. (should get more priority)
Mine got response in 3-4 hours.
Max is 12 hours.

May i know what is the status on your ticket please? Or they didn’t reply once at all? (Which is strange) I mean…, if support team already check your ticket as “done” …, eventhough from your point you still need help and you send them new message — they won’t reply to your message anymore.

Third, how you address them in the first place?
If you send ticket with “angry” tone, i suspect CS won’t response faster.

look at this, got no reply on all requests, except that an auto reply was sent