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Why customers don't want to pay the normal price for a good, complex illustration?

I had a similar situation, a client wrote to me in private messages who wanted a complex illustration:
The picture should have a hedge maze, top view from behind, a man with a broken leg (he gave a photo of a specific football player as a reference) should walk through the maze. The labyrinth in the middle is erased by the Finger of God. The finger of the god from the sky fell to the ground, a bright light falls on the ground Everything should show that God helps. He chose the detailing as in the picture below (this is the art I created for my portfolio)

I said my price for such a drawing. He said that his budget is almost 3 times less for such a drawing. I said, let me reduce the detail of the drawing and showed on THIS art what detail will be (I took one of the intermediate stages of the drawing). He said I’ll probably look for another artist, thanks, don’t.

More than a couple of weeks later, I saw that he received his drawing. Here is this drawing, which was supposed to personify a person who can do everything and is struggling with difficulties, and God helps him.
No finger of God, acid colors and cliparts as components of the picture … But the budget is cheaper than it was) Do not think, I do not condemn the artist who uses a bunch of cliparts to create a picture, not the client who wants to save money. I am trying to understand HOW it works


As i have understood, your price was high, he tried to find someone cheaper but couldnt. So he comissioned someone else for a cheaper work.

He might have changed his ideas after couple artist offers prices thats higher than his budget.
How knows what might have happened. Maybe the other artists talked him out of his ideas.

Im not sure what are you tryng to understand to be honest.

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The person wanted a high-quality picture with an architectural component, in fact, making art with meaning … and as a result, he received an acid-colored clipart. I can’t understand how a person who wanted to get a picture with a deep meaning was satisfied with a clip art with acid colors? I offered him cheaper and less detail. But this did not suit him. And this result was fine)

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Because that’s what he could afford?

People who want complex illustrations often have no idea how much work goes into it and how much it really costs.


It doesnt matter to be honest. Its his money, his taste. He talked to you and didint give you the job, what happens after that is not your business man, let it go. Life is too short to think these things to be honest

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I have no complaints about him. It’s not about the money. But I think creativity and art is important. The person spent his money anyway and got a not best result. I would like people to either say - I have so much money - this is not enough, so do something simple for this money. But usually the opposite happens - people do not appreciate the work of an artist and want maximum detail for the cost of several cups of coffee) This is a bit sad) Although, of course, there are people who understand what art is and distinguish it from ordinary work with templates and cliparts (although even such work costs money and requires some skill)

Yes i understand you and you might be right.
Not everybody has the academic background or some form of understanding for the arts.

I remember many times while doing a comissions wishing “I hope they dont click to show this on my gallery”. Because quite frankly, their taste in art and design were VERY VERY VERY BAD. And i didint want their poor choices to be shown as something to be proud of in my gallery. Even tho i try to warn my clients when they choose a poor design, sometimes they just dont want that.

Art is to be understood and experienced for your feelings to emerge. But also, art is for everybody, whether you can make the most of it or not.

I can see your example is looking great, everything is custom made by hand and with a good eye. You are doing a good job. And i can see the other guys work too. But there is no point to critisize the guys taste or the artists talent.

Someday, someone better than you can post your work on the forums and say “Look at this piece of garbage the artist created instead of picking me for good quality” I am exaggerating for making it more obvious. So remember that too.

It goes without saying that everyone knows about art. But people must have some sense of taste and an elementary understanding that acid colors do not go well with a lonely disabled person.

I also always try to tell the client if he does not understand what will be better. But this is not the case - he FULLY understood what he needed, he made his own sketch with a pen, provided 5 different references, he had exactly an idea of ​​what he wanted and the idea was great. Therefore, it is doubly offensive that his whole idea was embodied in an acid labyrinth-trip and a clip art from the standard set. Thus, his idea completely lost all meaning and message for the viewer.

I am not criticizing anyone, I am only showing how a good idea that one person gave birth to, distorted by another and thereby devalued it for money. Art is for everyone - but not everything is for art?, sometimes people do simple work and if it is acceptable for the client, then why not?

If my client criticized my drawing after the work was done, instead of discussing the details with me before starting, then the problem is not with the creator of the drawing. Many customers do not want to give a normal technical assignment, but say something like: I need illustrations for a children’s book. And this is ALL information that they give. And it takes a long time to extract the main characteristics from them: the number of illustrations, the size of the illustrations that should be depicted on them, some think that you and the text for the illustrations will come up with and write the whole book (and this is not an exaggeration). Therefore, it really can be that a person was expecting another or did not even know what exactly he wants, because he himself has not yet come up with his desires - how in such conditions can an ideal drawing be obtained? Recently there was one customer who wanted to draw a city of animals by the title of the chapter (city name) - it is not known how many animals are in the picture (and the price directly depends on this, how will I set the price for an order if I do not know how many characters there are?), it is not known what the city looks like … and after many questions that were ignored, I found out the number of characters and what they have! have replicas in the clouds! How can I know what the beasts are saying if I have never seen the text of this book? And under such conditions, a person will think that he is right that he did not say anything about the order … Partly because he wanted to reduce the price of the order by keeping silent about a lot of details. But I try to find out ALL the details before ordering to make a great illustration or character. if the customer himself does not know these details, then perhaps he is not a customer, but a person who takes other people’s orders and makes them with other hands)

Yes, as I said earlier, I was ready to make him a complex picture for his budget, reducing the time I spend on it and reducing the detail, but retaining all the necessary elements. That’s what I said about it. But it seemed to him that less detail for HIS budget is still too expensive))) in the end, he got a picture that has less meaning and the whole message is lost, but for a smaller budget than he had. I think it’s also a matter of greed.

Have you seen such job offers - “I need 25 children’s illustrations, pay $ 5”? It is unlikely that someone will go to work if they tell him - well, you worked 20 days, but we will pay you only one. I never understood what such people think.

Of course. “I want a book of 30,000 words, the budget is $5, I will report you if your bid is not within my budget”. Or something like that.

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Exactly! Why think if you can not think?)

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