Why customers feedback not removed when the order cancelled


Hi.i like to know why when the order cancel and feedback still there?if the order cancel and refund to customer, feedback also should removed. they will get free design from sellers and we get only negative feedback with low rating…how to get rid of this kind of situation…? customer support aid it;s violation of their rules to remove feedback…( all feedback from customers are not honest)

Why sales are vary low in these months?


there are tons of threads already discussing the low sales.

As to feedback, because many cancel just to avoid bad feedback and leaving it makes it more honest.


They no longer remove bad reviews. You can refund the buyer’s money but the bad review stays.


yes…it not good thing…it reduce our rating…


Hi…the thing is reduce rating on my gig…now i have 98% how to increase up to 100% ? is there any way ?


now my ratings reduce to 98%. how can i increase up to 100% ?is there any way to do it ? thanks for reply me dear…hope you are a top rated seller,


I don’t have the answer to that one dear. Your ratings are 4.9 which is good.


bad ratings should reduce your rating. Not all sellers should keep high ratings if they deliver items that are getting bad reviews.


but my overall rating is 98%…how to increase up to 100% ???


As I told you I do not have the answer. Please stop directing questions at me like this. Just ask the general forum.


Now you are sending me the question in my inbox to spam me there instead of here with that same question?

Can’t you understand that I don’t know the answer? Please stop asking me. Why have you latched onto me like this?


I do wonder though: why would a seller want to refund a buyer if the bad review remains in place? :smiley:


They didn’t know it stayed in place. lol


I understand that, but let’s assume the seller knew - why does Fiverr even give the choice of refunding in such a case? I mean, doesn’t Fiverr want the money as well?

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Since when does this happen?


For quite some time now. Welcome back haha! Feeling a bit guilty about something? :stuck_out_tongue:


I would think that after I said I don’t have the answer twice on the forum that would have been enough but no, now I get this question sent directly to my inbox.


? ?

I canceled an order a week ago because I didn’t want to get a negative review. Ended up not getting a review at all. I attributed that to the cancellation. Now you’re telling me that they could have left a negative review if they had chosen to. In which case I consider myself very lucky :smiley:


They can’t leave a review before you deliver. After you deliver you can cancel it and if they did not leave a review they won’t be able to, but if they already left a review it will stay there.


No, no, you misunderstood… You can’t cancel a completed order with review and all just to remove that review. You can cancel before delivering.