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Why customers put order directly on Gig without any prior permission


It has been observed that some one put his order on my Gig without any prior intimation or information. Because i have a order on which i don’t like to work but due to my ranking or Gig status i don’t like to cancel it. What will be your answer about it.


Fiverr is set up for buyers to place orders 24/7 + 365 days a year without having to contact sellers BEFORE placing an order. Why don’t you like the order? If you’re offering a service and the buyer placed an order. What’s the big deal?


Because they can.

If you don´t want them to, and they don´t heed your plea to contact you before ordering written everywhere in your gig’s short and long description and your profile text, in bold and CAPS where possible (I don´t see anywhere on your profile page that you want people to contact you before ordering?), make the price so high nobody will order without contacting you. You will lose out on some orders then though, sometimes you have to choose between the smaller or bigger evil.
I´m not sure if it´s a good idea to insist on prior contact as long as you haven´t a few more reviews, though.


Because buyer do not understand what i want from him like the Host name or Domain name. He just want to make the website and does not know how it works on internet.


fiverr is designed so that buyers can order gigs based on your gig description wording, without you approving the order.

If you’re having problems with this you need to work on the clarity of your gig description so that when they order it’s not an issue for you.

Good luck!


Hmm, well if you feel like it’s too much of a hassle, then cancel.
But, if I were you I’d try my best to walk the buyer through the process step by step.

Clear, precise, communication is very important! :pineapple:


Yes, i accept the order and working on it and hope customer will like it but like too if customer take intimation/information from the seller i.e “Would like to work for me” it will also be appreciated.


Just a small rewrite to illustrate how silly that sounds. “Why do people come in my store without being invited to shop?” If this is an issue, why are you in business at all?


You need to add requirements to your order which are mandatory - the buyer MUST answer them before the order starts, otherwise you’ll find yourself in this situation again.

I’ve had a look at your gig - I have no idea what you’re offering, why I’d want it or what info you need. What’s the video showing please?

You’ve got an FAQ section available on every gig - this is a great opportunity to use it! :slightly_smiling_face:


I didn’t look at his gigs. LOL unreal, people moan about not getting any orders. Then some people get orders and moan about not liking it. :woman_facepalming:t4:


Ok thanks for advising.


Do you like the person who decide the cost of your store product without your permission.


You set the prices in your gig, not the customer.


Sorry, no he given me more than i offered but, i think its the right way to take permission before ordering to someone.


You should then remove everything except a consulting gig for $1,000. Then say, for other options message me. But understand, most folks will seek out your competitors who are eager to do business. The issue is that this makes you seem like you are hard to deal with. Not a good image to have in a crowded marketplace.


Thanks for suggestions.



Depends upon the client.


Bro, we are living on earth and real world but you show me a move clip. Nice


When I :shopping: shop online or offline. Why the heck would I waste time asking the shop owner if it’s OK to spend MY money in their store? That’s just silly! If I see a “We’re open” signage that means the owner is ready to take my money.


I know. It’s called humour.