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Why declined my request?

I’m new seller on fiverr. I’m not yet a order :sweat:When I buyer request after some time it’s show decline :worried: I uploaded 4 Gig . When account created frome then it show decline. Now what should I do ? Please look my Gig


What is declined - a buyer request you created? Did you create a buyer request because you wanted to buy something or to promote your gig? You’re not allowed to post a buyer request promoting your gigs if that’s what you did.

Send offers to buyer requests if you want orders.

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I think you might be wasting your limited number of tags with this redundancy.

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There are two obvious issues that I can see with your profile.

  1. I think you need to try and improve your level of English. I appreciate that English isn’t your first language, but your profile and gig descriptions have many basic mistakes. Buyers who want to order a service that is reliant on detail (such as designing business cards) are unlikely to buy from anyone whose own profile is inaccurate. Although I don’t like tools like Google Translate, they are better than nothing.

  2. While I actually agree with your pricing strategy, it is nonetheless expensive when compared to the hundreds of other sellers offering a very similar service to you for just $5 - you’re charging a minimum of three times that price.

So, combine poor English (lack of attention to detail) and relatively high price (most people are greedy and will go for the cheapest option), and you’re going to struggle to make any sales.

I would suggest getting someone to proofread your profile to help improve the English (giving confidence to buyers), and lowering your minimum price by $5 (which will still be double what many sellers are charging) should be your first steps. Good luck - at least you’re not a $5 seller.


Here’s a few comments re: the gigs:

Gig: I will provide business card and logo design

It says “gameing” instead of “gaming”.

Gig: I will business card ,logo,stationary design

The gig title says “stationary” when I think it should say “stationery” (stationary=not moving).
Maybe change the title so it doesn’t say “I will business card…”.

Gig: I will do make your business logo

The video image says “Your Titel” instead of “Your Title”.
I’d change the title so it doesn’t say “I will do make…”.
It says “I create plenty of logo design with neurally” - what is “neurally”?


Thank you for your advice

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I can speak basic English and Bangla is my motherliness . I want to to say you expert English depend to find a order ? either it’s depend good works ?

Yaa i want to create buyer request for my first order would you suggest me? what should i do ?

If you want someone to order from you then you can send an offer to a buyer request.

In seller mode click on “more” then “buyer requests”. Look for a buyer request you can do well with one of your gigs, and if you see one, click the “send offer” button. Fill in the offer details and send the offer.

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Thank you for your information but in my account do not show “buyer request” word it’s show “manage request” and “post a request”

You need to be in seller mode for it to show. At the top right of the screen there should be an option that says “Switch to Selling”. Click on that. Then you can select “more” then “buyer requests” to see requests that you can send an offer to.


thanks. But again show manage request and posy request. where buyer request ? i did not find it

And when i create a mange or post request it’s show me declined

Did you click on “Switch to Selling” at the top right of the screen next the small profile image and earnings amount?

After you’ve clicked on “Switch to Selling”, then you should see the “more->Buyer Requests” option.

If you can’t see it after you switch to selling mode, your desktop resolution might be too low or you might be zoomed in too much (make sure you’re at 100%/actual size in the browser). But I don’t think it’s that currently. I think you’re currently in buying mode.

Don’t use that option to advertise your gig as it’s not allowed.

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yaa i did it but again mange and post request .how can i see you a screen-sort?

You can use the attach feature in the forum to send a screenshot that you’ve saved. Click the up arrow at the top of the editing window when editing a post to attach a saved screenshot.

edit: Check this video in case that helps. Also make sure you’re using a browser on a computer not a mobile browser. And like I said, that your browser is at 100% size not zoomed in (maybe at least 1920x1080 desktop size).

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look this show me

on the more option it’s do not show buyer request

Use a computer and not a mobile browser for the instructions I previously gave. Make sure the desktop resolution is >= around 1920x1080.

If you want to use a mobile use the app (but things will be different).

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yaaa i know similarly show on pc but i don’t know how to send ss by pc .so, i sanded this pic by mobile