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Why decrease response rate automatically?

Why decrease the response rate automatically? I have 90 % now it’s 89%. What’s the reason? any solution?


Did you respond to all of your messages?

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yes but automatically decrease daily 1 %… you have any solution’s?


Don’t make duplicate topics.


try to quick response, It will back in 90%

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i do it but i dont know why decrease automatically daily 1 % . have any solution?

If you already tried to quick response in every time , & response rate is decreasing knock the customer support, share your problem ,

All you dashboard status renew after a period of 60 days.

what kind of renew? i dont understand… tell me details please

Your ratings, your response rate, your response time, your delivered on time rate.

hm ok i dont know its helpful or not

try this brother, I hope it will help you

my rating ok response 1 hour delivery time ok but response % decrease daily 1 % now it 89% automatically decrease. Any solution have?

This happened to me. My response rate decreased after receiving spam and flagging them as spam. After that I don’t know exactly why, but this seem to have bugged my response rate, it would play roller-coaster on me. Sometimes being back at 90% and suddenly going back down to 86% without any reasons.

I wrote to CS about it. They restored my response rate to what it should be. They also told me next time to try to delete the cache and cookies and that should solve the problem. I have my doubts about that, since I did erase them in the past and it didn’t work, but regardless you should write to CS about this, they should be able to solve the issue.

ok thank you for your information

All of your statistics renew for 60 days.don’t worry try to response buyer massage as soon as possible. It will be 90% again.