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Why delate my gig?

Please say me anyone. Why delated my gig?

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If Fiverr has deleted or deactivated a gig maybe it was was about something the terms of service didn’t allow or maybe they don’t currently accept similar gigs or maybe it was flagged for some reason.

What gig was deleted/deactivated? Did you check your messages/emails to see if a reason was given?

email message:
Unfortunately we had to remove your Gig do any image editing adobe photoshop and canva due to the following reason/s

Did it say anything after “due to the following reason/s”?

Maybe it was the name “Adobe” in the title (eg. trademarked name) - or probably not because there are many gig titles with that, or maybe it was something in the gig. Were all the gig images original? And the gig text?

If it didn’t say anything after “due to the following reason/s” you could ask support what the reasons were if it isn’t shown anywhere else.

Thanks for cooperate.

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